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A will tells those relevant what should happen to any money, possessions and property after someone dies (all these things together are called their ‘estate’). It is important that once a will has been made the original is kept safe. The person who made the will and his family or his Executors should know where the original will is being kept. Ideally they should also have a copy of it for safekeeping.

Having worked in our industry for a number of years however, we know that this is not always the case; a will can very easily be misplaced or lost. This makes things a bit more difficult when it comes to estate administration. Just because a will cannot be found at the time of death, does not mean that a will was never made. This is why it is so important to look beyond the surface of a case, and make absolutely certain of the situation.

When someone passes away without a will; they are said to have passed away Intestate. The rules of Intestacy then decides how the estate is passed on.

If you are dealing with a deceased’s estate it is important to check thoroughly for a will. You need to be certain whether or not a will exists before distributing the estate.

There is no single online institution or database to find a will; we can conduct an in-depth search within the UK for both registered and unregistered wills.

We will offer you a full will search report. If we find that there is no will then we can advise you as to your next best step.