Family Tree Services

Consult an expert genealogist

You may need to verify existing research if you are distributing an estate; as genealogists and experts in the Law of Intestacy we can offer you specialist advice on a family tree. If you are a member of the Public Sector our family tree services come at no cost to you.

Errors on a family tree can occur when you rely on a family member for information. Sometimes their true family history can be hidden from them, for example in the case of illegitimacy. Errors can also occur when you are dependent on internet based genealogical sources; approximately 10% of all online records have transcription mistakes.
We can overview an existing family tree along with any certificates you may have. We will thoroughly check for any gaps, mistakes or errors and provide a written report detailing any areas that require attention or further investigation.

These services, we believe are absolutely essential for anyone administering an estate.