Estate Administration

Estate Administration by Athena

At Athena we offer an Estate Administration service, essentially dealing with the whole estate. From finding assets, to dealing with debts, locating every entitled beneficiary and distributing the estate whilst complying fully with all legal requirements.

With this service you can guarantee that you’re handing the Estate over to experienced estate administrators who will ensure every stage of the process is done correctly, therefore protecting the executors and beneficiaries.

We can if required cover all of the costs of dealing with the Estate, that way you don’t have to pay a penny! This process does usually take between 9-12 months; this does however depend on a few factors, such as Estate value, any assets involved and the tracing of beneficiaries.

“So, what do Athena do for the price we pay?”

  • Complete all relevant tax forms.
  • Gather all possible assets to ensure you get the full value.
  • Deal with any potential creditors.
  • Publish statutory notices in the Gazette and deceased’s local newspaper.
  • Finalise the estate accounts.
  • Distribute the estate in its entirety.
  • No upfront costs to you.*

*Only with a bespoke package.

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