Beneficiary Search

Athena offers an extensive beneficiary search to assist those dealing with estate administration. Whether you need us to trace heirs in a case of Intestacy (no Will) or the missing beneficiaries of a Will, we can help!

It is absolutely essential when dealing with a case of Testacy or Intestacy that every beneficiary is found, if you do not find the beneficiaries you are not fulfilling your legal responsibilities. Every beneficiary is legally entitled to their share; if they are not found and you liquidate the assets without taking the correct research and precautions you may leave yourself open future claims against you. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to perform a search for all beneficiaries!

Why use Athena?

  • Without a comprehensive beneficiary search report you cannot seek insurance on an Estate, in other words, you’re liable for future claims!
  • Athena offer a comprehensive report service.
  • We offer bespoke prices based on an initial consultation.

In conclusion, whether you’re trying to trace hundreds of lost heirs, locating someone who may know a beneficiary, or looking for someone abroad, Athena will provide you with the results you require.

Beneficiary Search from Athena Probate

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