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Who we are and what we do:


At Athena we specialise in Probate Research and Estate Administration. 

Athena have a team of dedicated researchers, based in the South East of England. Together they have administered millions of pounds worth of estates, as well as tracking down lost documents and assets. Estate administration is our speciality. If however, you are looking for another service then we have many to choose from, we accommodate to both the legal and public sectors.

During estate administration our task is to establish bloodline connections to the deceased using genealogy and thereafter ensure each heir receives the share of the estate they are entitled to. 

Athena offer a wide range of expertise and are one of the only companies that are constantly renewing and updating our techniques. Our modern methods of research, coupled with the traditional techniques that most companies use, make our ability to administer an estate unparalleled. 

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What’s different about Athena’s estate administration?

• We do it all – Our skills mean Athena have the ability to deal with all aspects of estate administration in house.
• International – We cover various countries all over the world!
• Time is of the essence – During the process, time is a crucial factor, which is why we will work as quickly as possible to ensure no time is wasted for our clients.

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